Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free Garden Furniture

The aluminium patio furniture & Rattan outdoor dining sets that we stock are maintenance free.

Your search for maintenance free garden furnishings is over! So what was wrong with other types of patio furniture that are no longer popular?

Hardwood was meant to last, why didn’t it? Teak is a great wood for outside but only if it has age; it must be air dried and must be hardwood. However, most hardwoods are not fit for purpose when used for garden furniture in northern Europe.

Wood will deteriorate in our weather without these following features:

maintenance free garden furniture

The Right Species

Teak and possibly Iroko are the species of trees that can last outdoors for the long term.  There is a tradition of specifying teak (and in modern times Iroko) for seafaring vessels because teak rejects UV rays and water at varying temperatures.  All other hardwoods fail in our weather, especially those redwoods from countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. Did you know that that the difference between soft wood and hardwood is an impact test? Balsa wood, which has a springy quality, it is classed as a hardwood! Balsa wood floats and it is so light and it is used in airplane modelling. Iroko will last about 20 years outside and comes from the forests of Ghana, Gambia and Sirerra Leone. There are no FSC accreditations for Iroko, which is why the RHS has banned it from all of their shows!

Length of Tree Life

The older the wood is, the longer it will stay together outside. Swedish pine that is 30 years old will last longer than teak which is 10 years old. The middle of the tree is the oldest and hardest. So the best wood for outside is 90 yr aged heartwood teak.

Recycled Teak Maintenance Free

At the beginning of the industrial age and throughout the age of the British empire, forest teak was imported into the UK for use in the shipbuilding and furniture industries. Over many years it was noticed that forest teak lasted even when it was left to its own devices. This wood came from aged trees in the forests of India, Sumatra and Burma. It is now possible to buy teak that has been reclaimed from ox carts, flooring, wooden houses, jetties boats. This is fantastic wood for garden furniture, it’s from primary forests and has been air dried as part of a structure for many years. And, of course, there is no maintenance required!

Air Drying

If wood is allowed to naturally dry out in the open, it will last longer outside. This is because as the moisture very slowly vacates the wooden cell structure, the walls of the cells do not collapse and so a more dense and solid structure is left behind. Did you know that the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is supported by air dried oak pillars? Nowadays because of commercial cost considerations nearly all hardwoods used for garden furniture construction is kiln dried. This process is quicker and produces a less dense wood.

Quality Of The Construction

Differing wood species move at different rates – this has to be has to be taken in consideration when making the joints. In other words, the correct tolerances have to be worked out and taken into account. If joints don’t have the right tolerances they will crack and fail. Furthermore, cross-sawn wood must be used. This style of cut is more expensive to do but as a result there is reduced joint and surface movement.

Play safe and consider these ranges of garden furniture which provide you with maintenance at a reasonable cost….


Maintenance Free Metal Garden Furniture 

no maintenance garden furniture

Virgin Aluminium

We do not use recycled aluminium as any impurities that are left in the metal can cause problems such as structural failure and cracking. Virgin aluminium will not fail, ensuring maintenance free furniture.

Metal Painting

If metal garden furniture is painted with normal metallic paint, it will start to peel and deteriorate within 2-3 years. We, of course, powder coat all of our aluminium garden furniture. The metal garden product is cast, welded, thoroughly cleaned, placed in an oven and then painted. This produces a surface that is attractive and smooth which repels the harmful elements and UV rays for up to 15 years – one of the reasons why we give a 12 year guarantee with our aluminium patio furniture.

Rust Will Not Occur

The natural state of virgin aluminium is aluminium oxide. When pure aluminium is exposed to the atmosphere, it reacts with the air and a very thin white bloom is formed. This bloom is a barrier that is impervious to water which means that the corrosion into the interior will not happen – this is why our metal garden furniture has no maintenance. Do you think airliners would be manufactured out of aluminium if this metal rusted? Iron, steel or other alloys that have ferrous content will react to moisture and rust – this eventually fatally compromises the structure ultimately resulting in catastrophic collapse. Also, the legs of our products are protected by a nylon foot.

Rattan Garden Furniture With No Maintenance

no maintenance rattan patio furniture

This Rattan outdoor product is produced with plastic twine and aluminium tubing.

Polypropylene Wicker

Our woven outdoor garden furniture is made using the top quality Rattan to ensure the longest exterior use. The term synthetic rattan has come to mean woven plastic attached to variously shaped frames. As we have grade A rattan the patio furniture is cleaned quickly with soapy water and a hose or a jet wash. Cheap and thin rattan will start to break up in 2-3 years as it is bulked out with chalk which absorbs harmful UV sunlight – the rattan weave starts to crack and fade quickly.

We don’t use recycled metal!

In inferior Rattan garden furniture the frames that the polypropylene is woven on to can be manufactured from monkey metal, recycled metal, steel, ferrous alloys etc that rust and quickly fall to bits. We only use virgin aluminium for the frames, so rusting will not happen, ever!

Leg Plugs

The bottom of our furniture legs have have nylon stoppers to stop chipping and any chance of unraveling.

Table Construction

Rattan garden tables generally have a glass disc that sits on some kind of frame. If this frame is not properly supported the rattan can sag in the heat of the sun. We make sure there is plenty of rigid aluminium support to keep the Rattan in place.