Unusual Containers

Unusual Containers

Containers and patios go together like … rattan garden furniture and parasols, but there are containers and containers, and here are a few ideas to inject a bit of novelty to your outdoor space.

If you run with the herd, you may well want rattan planters to match your rattan outdoor furniture – and there’s nothing wrong with that.  If you entertain at a metal garden table, perhaps you’ve opted for glazed pots or traditional stone planters.   Done well, any hard landscaped space can be a joy to behold and a worthy setting for your rattan patio furniture.

But, chances are that step inside your home and your personal taste is much more in evidence – whether you are a kitsch queen or a vintage fiend.  Why not take some of that personality, and hunt down some interesting containers for outdoors?

Wine Crates

Take a traditional wooden wine box, lined and planted up.  These look particularly good en masse perhaps to form a display of culinary herbs.

Welly Boots

A charming way to use up all those colour willies that your kids grow out of, is to display them on a fence in varying sizes and colours with a bit of summer bedding popping out of the top.  Take this a stage further and plant up a pair of old shoes.  All you need to do is drill a hole in the sole to allow for drainage.

Tool Boxes

Think American lunch caddy – a bashed up old tool box with the lid left open is a great way to show off some house leeks of varying sizes.

Tin Cans

For a Mediterranean twist, try to get hold of some catering cans and cut the tops off.  The retro-style labels for tinned tomatoes or olive oil add a vibrancy of their own.


Old colanders, jugs and enamel saucepans are particularly well suited to growing culinary herbs. Just the job by the barbeque.

Junk Shop Finds

Rusty frames look great in a garden – from old prams and bicycles, to wheel barrows and carts.  Old chairs with their seat pads missing are a perennial favourite.  Replace the seat area with chicken wire and treat the resulting container as a shallow hanging basket.  Fast growing herbs like oregano and thyme work really well here.


Before you think I’ve gone all Bob Flowerdew here, consider stacking a number of tyres and painting them vibrant colours.  It’s a perfect way to create a quick, vibrant living wall and just the way to create a pop art back drop to set off your new rattan outdoor furniture.  http://www.examiner.com/article/unusual-gardening-ideas