Why Rattan Is a Good Choice for Outdoor Living

Malibu 5 seat Corner unit

Get ready for al fresco living this summer with rattan tables and chairs to dine out on!

Summer is approaching so it’s time to enjoy time outside on rattan garden sets. We have put together a guide on why rattan is a good choice for outdoor living.

Whether you’re eating or relaxing in the garden, our rattan garden furniture offers a fabulous and comfortable experience for everyone to enjoy.

Rattan furniture is a hugely popular choice of garden furniture because it works beautifully in contemporary and traditional gardens, it’s easy to care for and most of all, it is robust and durable.

Types of rattan furniture

Rattan is a type of plant, usually associated with wicker-style furniture and home décor.

Rattan is a light material, much lighter than teak and other wooden furniture, and it doesn’t stain, rust or corrode like metal furniture. Rattan furniture comes in a wide range of price options, colours and weaves, and most pieces come complete with plush cushions for comfort and style.

Synthetic rattan is designed to look like real rattan, and is often used for outdoor furniture and décor. It’s made from polyethylene and can withstand moisture and intense sunlight, both of which could actually harm true rattan. It is also eco-friendlier then other synthetic materials.

We are a leading rattan garden furniture store and take pride in creating comfortable and fashionable garden sets that are built to last.

Rattan furniture to suit your garden

Rattan furniture can transform your garden into an outdoor living space, simply by adding some beautiful lounge sets to enjoy in the warmer months. We have an extensive collection of outdoor furniture, including sofa sets and lounge sets, for any budget or style. These furniture pieces will allow you to create a tranquil living space on a patio, terrace, deck or lawn!

For dining, we recommend the Worthing 8 chair reclining dining set. A perfect set for enjoying long, relaxed meals with family and friends on. We also love the Malibu 4 piece lounge set which is designed for smaller gardens but still has the looks and charm of a larger set. Our rattan furniture ranges from generous sofas to large tables and supportive chairs, so there’s something for every sized garden!

How to choose the best rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is famed for its longevity, and ours is no difference. We constantly work to provide high quality items, and we do so by using aluminium frames as a base, which ensures the frame will never rust.

It’s important to check that furniture is UV stabilised to ensure the furniture lasts for a long time. Take a look at the cushions and ensure they are well filled so you can sit outside for as long as you would like. Thin cushions are uncomfortable and will not last.

Choose items made from quality materials with good workmanship, so you can be sure your outdoor space will provide relaxation and comfort for years to come.

How to maintain your rattan furniture

Rattan furniture requires little maintenance, but if it does become a little dirty over the cooler months, cleaning the rattan furniture is easy and hassle free. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated and wipe down the rattan with a damp cloth using a mild soapy water solution. Once washed, rinse the furniture down using cold water. We recommend removing the cushions prior to cleaning the furniture, and make sure to avoid using any chemical cleaners.