Prepare For The Indian Summer

Valencia Lounge sofa set with glass table 2 chair and bench9Some ideas to make the most of an Indian summer such as investing in and benefiting from new garden furniture; taking short notice breaks and cheaper days out. 

The warmer weather may last well into early autumn so be prepared 

As August progresses and the evenings noticeably draw in a little, there’s a tendency to perhaps ‘hunker down’ in anticipation of the cooler autumn and winter to come. There again, it may not be time to retire the lighter summer wear just yet as temperatures are predicted to stay higher into September and October. 

The thought of warmer weather stretching into autumn with the promise of an Indian summer is certainly enticing and very welcome; if nothing else it hopefully shortens the length of time we endure the chillier weather and delays the onset of winter. So how to prepare for the bonus of warmer weather? 

Make the most of your garden 

Far from putting away or covering up the garden furniture, maybe it’s worth buying some new? Maybe your existing garden chairs have seen better days and you’ve resolved to change your furniture before next summer, but you could replace it sooner and still get some use before it needs putting away for the winter. 

Lightweight ratten garden chairs make a good choice; comfortable and available in various looks and shades, they can be swiftly put away if the warmer weather abruptly ends or easily brought out of storage if a sudden sunny day in the garden beckons. 

Book a short break 

With children back to school, holiday prices reduce and deals should be available as September wears on and gives way to October.  

If you’re flexible on dates, and especially if you’re in a position to go away at short notice, you could bag yourself a good value break in the UK with the advantage of reduced volumes of holidaymakers and tourists compared to high season. 

Days out 

If slipping away for a full blown break is impractical, days out may be just the ticket. Depending on where you live, a day trip to the beach may appeal with the advantage that it’s a bit quieter with the main holiday season finished. 

Places of interest may offer deals such as lower price admission during the week once peak holiday season is over. Places that rely on clement weather to appeal to visitors – for example, some open gardens or ‘open air’ attractions such as certain ruins – may offer incentives to attract visitors during the low season. 

Outdoor exercise 

Some people suspend their outdoor keep fit pursuits once the evenings draw in, but activities such as jogging or cycling are worth carrying on with in the evenings in warmer weather. Ensuring you cycle and jog in well lit areas if possible and wearing reflective clothing will ensure you exercise safely while still enjoying the milder temperatures while they last. 

Gardening and DIY 

You might have thought it was too late to embark on certain outdoor tasks, but an extension of warmer and dry weather may mean you can tackle a project sooner than you thought. Maybe that outdoor paintwork can be done now after all, or a major reconfiguration or blitz in the garden that you thought may have to wait until next spring can be tackled. 

No regrets 

Whatever you do, don’t fritter away the extended warmer and dryer weather; there would be nothing worse than looking back over an Indian summer squandered once the rigours of winter do eventually bite.