New Year, New Garden Furniture

Malibu 5 seat Corner unitWhat Will 2018 Bring To Your Garden Design?

Have you started your garden design planning for summer yet? If not, why not? Spring is a matter of weeks away and you’ll be outside again before you know it.

As 2018 arrives, homeowners are largely focused on trying to remain cosy within their homes, particularly as many parts of the UK have seen snowfall already this winter. Yet, even though you may not have ventured into your garden since early autumn, it’s already time to start planning how you’re going to enjoy your outdoor living space when the weather warms up.

The most pleasant months over the year tend to be much earlier in the year than they used to be. July and August are traditionally rainy write-offs, but 2017 experienced the hottest June for 40 years according to data collected by the Met Office. So, with the warmer weather right around the corner, is your garden ready for 2018?

Assessing Your Garden Design

Unfortunately, many of us tend not to pack away our gardens before winter arrives and several months of hard weather is bound to impact the condition of our garden design and furniture. Begin by taking a good look at what can be revamped and what will need to be replaced. You will likely be able to rescue your decking for instance, by treating it with a couple of coats of stain and decking protector. But your furniture is one area that you shouldn’t cut corners on. Nobody wants to sit on chairs that are chipped, warped, or simply look outdated. Why not use the arrival of the new season as a great excuse to spruce up your garden furniture collection with one of these classic styles?

Relaxing Rattan

Lounging around in your garden is all the rage, but these days the trend is not so much about deck chairs and sun loungers, as it is about corner sofas and coffee tables. As homeowners recognise the ability to extend their living space from the inside outwards, it is typical to see garden patios set up like the family sitting room, even incorporating a firepit as a focal point to warm up to in the cooler evenings. Sofas made from rattan are incredibly versatile and fit in well with most designs whether you prefer a traditional country cottage theme or instead opt for an ultramodern roof garden vibe. If you’re shopping for rattan furniture, always be certain to choose those with an aluminium frame rather than steel, as the former doesn’t rust.

Chic Metal Furniture

If you’re looking for a truly timeless option that offers an investment for the future, then metal garden furniture is most likely the ideal option for you as it never goes out of style.

Comfort is important when it comes to garden furniture, which is why there are various metal recliners available that will allow you to lower yourself from an upright dining position to a snooze in the sun within seconds. It’s also essential that you remember to accessorise.

Whatever your taste, you can customise your metal furniture ensemble to reflect your theme by simply adding in some colourful sofa cushions or blankets. A sturdy parasol will keep you protected and cool once those June rays hit their peak, and of course you’ll want to invest in a portable cooler cart to keep your drinks chilled and on hand.

It may still be winter, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s already time to get excited about this year’s summer. So, start your planning and invest in some quality garden furniture today.