Give Your Garden a Makeover

Valencia Corner set with Dining Bench and ParasolYour Garden is the Extra Room You Often Forget

The internet is full of advice about makeovers for every room in the house. But the garden needs attention too, and can be a great place for entertaining guests.

Home makeovers are all the rage these days, and if we believe the design experts, we should be updating the décor in our living rooms and bedrooms with every change of the seasons.

Yet the aspect that often gets forgotten is the outdoor living space in our back gardens. This is a shame, as there is nowhere better to wow and entertain your guests on a summer evening. And if anywhere is guaranteed to change with the seasons, this is definitely the place!

Here, we take a look at some simple things you can do to make your garden the perfect outdoor reception room.


The first thing to do is compare garden furniture to decide on what sort of external décor will work best. There is so much more out there than boring plastic garden chairs and wooden benches, so let your imagination run riot!

Rattan is a very popular choice at the moment – it is lightweight, yet hard wearing, and has a modern, contemporary look. It is also extremely comfortable – just remember to bring the cushions in at night!

Make it a room

There is more to creating an outdoor living space than just setting some chairs and a table on the lawn and hoping for the best. Try to generate some demarcation, to really create the effect of a room outside.

This can be done with decking or a patio, to create a defined area, or even a simple course of bricks.


Any interior design job always features a huge range of accessories to make it look just right. Adopt the same approach with your exterior décor. There is no need to go crazy with a tribe of gnomes (unless you really want to), but a couple of stone statues or pieces of artwork can make all the difference.

Consider a focal point

Every room needs a focal point, whether it is the window, a fireplace, or that faithful fall-back, the television. You can do the same in your garden to fantastic effect. A water feature is a popular option, to add a little bit of zen to proceedings, and does not have to be huge or expensive.

Another alternative is an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. This can add a real sense of uniqueness to your garden, and can make it a practical place to spend time all year round – and even in the summer, it can be a useful addition as the nights start drawing in. There are a whole range of choices available, from a simple DIY hole in the ground surrounded by rocks to an intricately designed piece that costs thousands of pounds.

Garden lighting

Modern innovations in LED lighting mean there are all sorts of options available for the garden. Again, use a little imagination. Concealed lighting at floor level works particularly well along footpaths, and you can create a magical effect by having lights carefully positioned in trees and shrubs.

Make the most of that extra room, and most importantly, have fun in the design and realisation of your artistic vision!