Gardening Courses

Gardening Courses

Gardening Courses – Columnists and garden centres, to say nothing of patio furniture retailers are all banging on about how you can use these quiet months while nothing much is growing and the weather keeps you snug indoors, to plan ahead.  This is the perfect time to dream; to design your garden and outdoor dining space.  How about stepping everything up a gear this year and enrolling in a gardening course.  There are literally hundreds such offerings to be found, but some of the best marry wonderful inspirational locations with first rate expert advice.

Gardening Courses At The Royal Horticultural Society

Perhaps the obvious place to start: the RHS hosts courses in its gardens around the country – from Yorkshire to Devon, taking in Essex and Surrey too.  There is a course on almost anything and everything from garden photography to chicken-keeping.  For less than the price of many gardening books, you can sign up to a morning class.

Sarah Raven Gardening Courses

The patron saint of country wives everywhere, Sarah Raven runs courses at Perch Hill, East Sussex in cooking, flowers and floristry and vegetable gardening.  She also runs courses nationwide in wonderful locations such as Sissinghurst and Bix Manor near Henley.  For the very civilised…

Jekka’s Herb Farm Gardening Courses

Jekka McVicar runs courses in how to grow and use herbs from her herb farm near Bristol.  Conceived as a ‘living encyclopaedia of herbs’, here she grows the largest collection of Culinary Herbs in the country.  The farm includes a Herbetum of over 300 culinary herbs carefully planted in raised beds with the aim to inspire today’s gardeners and to ensure that the history and knowledge of their culinary and medical use is preserved for future generations.  Here you will find not only British native herbs but more unusual tropical varieties too.

The Cotswold Gardening School Gardening Courses

Staying in the West, the Cotswold Gardening School offers a range of courses to suit every gardener.  You can spend a day on one of their broad courses such as ‘container gardening’ or go on a longer one aimed at aspiring professional gardeners.

My Garden School 

This is a one-stop site which has already won a huge amount of awards.  They aim to gather up all the best gardening courses and offering them as online packages of four weekly pre-recorded video lectures plus downloadable notes, assignments with feedback and personal tuition from the world’s top tutors.  You can interact with the tutors and other students via the virtual classroom.  Unsurprisingly, you can find courses on almost anything here – from the very specialised architectural rendering for landscape and garden designers, to gardening for wildlife.  So before you splash out on that longed for rattan garden furniture, invest a little time and money in ensuring that your garden will be fit to receive it!

Other Gardening Courses