12 Year Guarantee

>We are very confident that our aluminium, metal or Rattan garden furniture will last outside, and because of this, we give our customers a guarantee of up to 12 years.

After studying which warranties the competition are giving, we can categorically state that WE have the longest outdoor furniture guarantees.


12 year guarantee

  • rattanfurnitureoutlet.co.uk/ – up to 5 year warranty
  • supremerattanfurniture.co.uk/ – 5 year guarantee
  • oceansrattanfurniture.com/ – mostly 5 years, a small range with 10 year warranty
  • rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk/ – 5 year warranty
  • bridgman.co.uk/garden-furniture/rattan-garden-furniture – 10 year warranty
  • rattanfurniturestore.co.uk/ – 5 year warranty
  • rattanfurniture-online.co.uk/ – do not quote their own guarantees, just state that their suppliers have different warranties – not good!


12 Year Guarantee Explained

Our aluminium or Rattan garden furniture carries a structural 12 year guarantee from the date of purchase. Any paintwork or protective coating is covered for 3 years, whilst cushions and parasols are guaranteed for 1 year.

These guarantees only cover situations where the garden furniture is used in a domestic environment or setting. Patio furniture used in the hotel, restaurant, bar or hospitality industries only have a 1 year guarantee. We reserve the right to replace parts rather than a complete item at our discretion.

The customer must return and collect any faulty and replacement furniture or parts at their own cost after 28 days form the date of purchase.

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Where products are given away for no charge, say in a sales promotion, there is only a 1 year guarantee.

Our guarantee is explained here.

Find our terms and conditions here.

Advice On Making Your Garden Furniture Last

Garden Parasols – store when not in use, do not leave up when it is windy – wind damage invalidates a claim.

Garden Pavilions – use in a sheltered area or secure with the appropriate ties and heavy duty tent pegs.

Rattan Garden and Patio Furniture – cover in the spring and summer, store in the winter if possible. If any strands appear re-weave as soon as possible to stop unraveling.

Metal Garden Furniture – if any chips or scratches appear, paint immediately to stop oxodisation.

International Patio Furniture Guarantee

Our patio furniture guarantee is applicable abroad, but it is the responsibility of the client to return and collect their items.

Showroom Clearance

Sometimes we sell off ex-display garden furniture at reduced prices. These items carry no guarantee.